Landlord accused of ‘blackmail’ licensing scheme

Landlord charged with ‘blackmail’ trying to force council chiefs to drop housing licensing scheme A LANDLORD behind tries to force Blackburn with Darwen and Burnley to have directly elected ‘mayors’ has been accused of ‘blackmail and making threats’. But Geoffrey Berg has dismissed the claims and said he is not abusing the regulations for his own ends. Mr Berg has recently forced Burnley Council to hold a referendum on whether to directly elect a powerful mayor along the same lines as London. The price the poll on May 4 will be 80,000. Now he has written to Blackburn with Darwen Council’s Labour leadership harmful to do the same if they do not drop plans to renew and extend the borough’s selective licensing scheme. The 61 yr old, Who owns three rental sites in Darwen and one in Burnley, Considered: “It is not an not good enough use of the legislation. This may not be about a few houses I own in Darwen and Burnley, But about the lowering of house prices in areas with selective licensing which affect all house owners, Last year Mr Berg raised the info 4,000 signatures chiefs jersey, Very same to five per cent of the electorate, For a case forcing a referendum on a directly elected mayor for Burnley. It came after the council refused to drop plans to give selective landlord licensing. The two councils estimate eliminate the same price of a referendum is 80,000 with the general pricetag of setting up the new post and the salary estimated at 240,000 within first two years. The move comes as Blackburn with Darwen Council is hunting to save 30million and Burnley Council tries to save 4.5million per government spending cuts by 2020. Mister Berg, Who day in Prestwich, Is a former Conservative councillor in Bury and now motivated. In 2011 he raised a similar petition which led to Salford fitting a directly elected mayor. Burnley MP and former borough local authority or authorities leader Julie Cooper said: “This is blackmail and risks. He is saying it signifies. do what I want, I will make you pay a lot of money for an unnecessary referendum, “It is an abuse of the united state’s legislation which I intend to raise in Parliament eric berry jersey, Her Blackburn Labour MP co-worker, Kate Hollern, Claims”The letter submitted to Blackburn with Darwen Council appears to be a threat made by a resident in Greater Manchester whose sole interest in the borough is financial and for this properties that he rents out. “I am clear local councils cannot be seen to be held to ransom by a single individual with the specific financial interest, Mr Berg’s letter to individual councillors said: “Genuinely into this subject know I have forced a mayoral referendum in Burnley. I did this initially because Burnley Council have extended their selective landlord licensing scheme although I am now turning it more into a referendum over whether council tax there is too high and really should be reduced Kareem Hunt jersey. Cllr image Townsend, Leader of Burnley local authority or authorities, Stated: “Here he goes in the future. Mr Berg is a unhappy landlord, Threatening to waste more council taxpayers’ money just because he isn’t keen on selective licensing dustin colquitt jersey, Cllr Phil Riley, Deputy leader of Blackburn with Darwen local authority or authorities, Understood: “Mr Berg is not a person of the borough. I think this is an an poor use of the legislation, “There is a conflict of interest here. “We might end up spending 240,000 on a directly elected Mayor duplicating the prevailing system, Mister Berg, Who has campaigning in Burnley, Terminated the MPs’ claims of ‘threats and blackmail’. He explained: “These are Labour politicians occupied with their own position. The only threat is they have lost the confidence of their electorate. “I think I can win the referendum on a directly elected mayor for Burnley which has the highest council tax in nearby area. It will save council tax payers money if it’s available in and the referendum should cost no more that 20,000. I am prepared to do the same in Hyndburn if required,